At Launceston Motorcycles we accommodate for all areas of motorcycle training. This includes CBT straight through to Direct Access and Advanced Rider Training.

The CBT is the mandatory training which must be successfully completed by any person wishing to ride a motorcycle in the U.K. (the law also states those who are the age of 16 must also have a valid provisional licence and CBT to ride legally on the roads). This also includes people who wish to ride a moped, 50cc scooter or motorcycle, with one exception being full car licences who passed a test before 1st February 2001. You will need a valid Driving Licence. (The photo card and paper counter-part is your licence entitlement, do not forget this as it is needed on the day of your CBT and/or practical test).

The CBT takes the form of five training elements ranging from protective clothing, maintenance, machine control, road craft/highway code and riding on the road. The CBT does not have a time limit but generally you should allow a full day to complete the training. The CBT is not a pass/fail test, but a continuous assessment programme and if it takes longer than a day to complete then that's no problem as we at Launceston Motorcycles have the patience to help you complete the assessment.

At Launceston Motorcycles, we provide the use of the Motorcycle/Scooter and all safety equipment should it be needed, although you are more than welcome to use your own machine if you own one. However it will need to be roadworthy, Taxed, Insured, MOT'd if over three years old and displaying 'L' plates front and rear.

Remember: This is your introduction to motorcycling so there is no need to worry as all the very basics will be taught and don’t forget it is all about having fun on two wheels!

For a detailed view regarding the new motorcycle test rules that changed on 19th January 2013, please go to:

Instructors at Launceston Motorcycles are advanced Rider qualified. This scheme which has full RoSPA backing and is regulated by RoSPA, looks to help riders gain further skills. The scheme is linked to leading UK insurers of whom are offering various discounts for customers who take the Advanced optional test.

The course starts with an informal chat and an observed ride so that the instructor can look at the current standard of riding and make observations as to how your riding could be improved. You would then agree an action plan with your instructor to cover the points you've both agreed on and then lessons are planned accordingly, all methods are based on police riding skills.

For further information, or to book your motorcycle in for an MOT, please contact us to make an appointment. We are very flexible and can always arrange a suitable date and time that is appropriate with you.

All you require is a valid U.K. or EU provisional licence. For more information or to arrange lessons please contact us.